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March 30 – Thursday Night Net & Check-in

March 30 @ 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm EDT

The online check-in is only available between 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm EDT the day of the net.


March 30
8:00 pm - 9:30 pm EDT


Broadnet GMRS Repeater System

Stations that have checked-in:

WRWP848 Wanda WREY904 Eduardo WRUJ938 Michael WRVH316 Steve WRWN645 Danny WQQV580 Robert WRKR297 Oscar WRUP348 Simmons WRKT503 Mike Wrvh316 Steve WRPE339 Rick WROG757 Scott WROH602 Crystal Wrde716 Jeff Clark WQNR751 Chris WQRL347 Juan WRJH792 Freddie WRPS558 Ralph WQZR739 Joel WRKM273 Benjamin WRHW640 Nelson WRUU202 Tab WRJS337 John(no WRMA548 George Prince WROD580 Kenneth Fletcher WRFH639 Richard WQWU887 Andrew lilick WRFH280 David Jump WRHU596 Michael arrington WRNB581 TYRONE DIXON WROI607 Bill Carey
WQVB468 Sunny WRTR721 Curtis WRMT305 Brian WRWH717 Micheal WRWM318 Mike WRQX388 Eric WRUY300 Juan WRPA771 Grant WRJH650 Rey WQYJ517 Luis WRKZ367 Richard WRAF805 Walter, Yonkers. THANK YOU WRKP401 Robert WQRL347 #1 Candy WPUS558 Jose WRAS405 Jonathan WRDC559 Juan WRPF236 James Carson WRQH355 Joe WRCJ783 Tom WRWK720 Angle WRBS292 Todd WRWF564 Andres Cuebas (Miami) WROD580 Iris Fletcher WRCN747 Viktor KAF3813 John WRMF745 Bob Hill WRTA846 Steve WORG342 Frank WRMR871 Rob MaddogSquid WRMD725 Carlos Camacho
Attendance: 62 / ∞

Check-ins are closed for this net.